Toyo Conditioning is a "therapeutic body work clinic" for the relief of backaches, stiff necks, stiff shoulders, and tired feet resulting from tiredness from work or travel.

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Counseling Fee ¥1,080
Therapeutic Body work ¥4,860
  • Cash Only
  • The Couseling fee will take place at the first treatment session. We will also charge an Counseling fee if 3 months or more have elapsed since the most recent treatment session.

Treatment course

Toyo Conditioning treatment methods

Treatment starts with counseling!

Please inform us of anything which is giving you trouble (pain or stiffness, and how long you have been experiencing the symptoms, etc.)

Counseling session
Counseling session

Focusing on the pelvis, the next step is to check for any physical distortion.

*This check is painless just like our other treatments.

Treatment illustration
Checking for physical distortion

After checking for physical distortion, we will correct any distortion, focusing on the pelvis.

*Treatment is painless and corrects distortion by gentle massage.

Checking for physical distortion
Treatment illustration

If necessary, customers are given stretching and posture instruction after treatment so that they can correct any distortion by themselves.

We give advice relating to posture and daily habits.
We give advice relating to posture
and daily habits.

Toyo Conditioning is located in the Kanda district of Tokyo which is convenient for transport access by subway or JR lines. It is also easily accessed from sightseeing spots such as Akihabara and Asakusa. Please feel free to come and visit us.

Access information is here.

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