Toyo Conditioning is a "therapeutic body work clinic" for the relief of backaches, stiff necks, stiff shoulders, and tired feet resulting from tiredness from work or travel.

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Secrets of speedy healing
We have given thorough consideration to treatment methods which can quickly reduce symptoms for customers who visit Toyo Conditioning. Here is an outline of five special features of our treatment program.

Five Special Features of our Treatment Program

1.No forceful pressing, kneading or beating
Many people doubtless think that “pain and stiffness soonreturn after having a massage.”
There are approximately 600 muscles in the human body.
Muscle tissue can be classified as outer muscle tissue and inner muscle tissue, and fatigue and stiffness can accumulate in both types of muscle tissue. Even if outer muscle tissue is repeatedly massaged, there is often no effect on the deeper-lying inner muscle tissue underneath it. If symptoms reoccur shortly after a massage session, then a solution for inner muscle tissue problems is required. Let us gently solve your muscle tissue problems from their source without seeking a drastic transformation.
The treatments at Toyo Conditioning stimulate the whole body through gentle massage, and bring peace of mind and relaxation to the core of the body. Gentle massage also stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, and this leads to a healthy condition for muscle tissue.
1.No forceful pressing, kneading or beating
2.“The location of pain” and “the cause of pain” are different

It will be numbness if a pain is put up with.

It not only cures the condition (result) of a pain, but it is a fundamental treatment which cures distortion (cause) in Calah.

The pelvis can be likened to the foundations of a house. If thefoundations of a house are “tilting” or “crooked” , or are defective in some other way, then the house will collapse under the shock of a typhoon or an earthquake. However, a house which has solid foundations will not collapse no matter how strong the shock. In the same way, if the pelvis is sound, then the body will not feel stressed, and the body will remain strong even when dealing with pain.
The pelvis is the foundation of the human body. Our philosophy is that we can treat pain and all distortions of the body by correcting distortion of the pelvis.
3.How to say “goodbye” to painful symptoms as quickly as possible
What might be necessary to get rid of painful symptoms as quickly as possible? It is often the case that the cause of chronic symptoms is lifestyle habits. At Toyo Conditioning we try to support your lifestyle by offering not only seitai - properly ordered body - treatments which will prevent symptoms from reoccurring, but also comprehensive advice about how to use your body correctly, personal stretching, breathing methods, bathing and sleeping, and how to control your emotions. We teach our customers so that they will be able to regulate their physical condition for themselves.
3.How to say “goodbye” to painful symptoms as quickly as possible
4.Getting the maximum effect from short-term treatment
The human body is much more sensitive than any of us thinks. For example, your body will feel sluggish and tired if you spend several hours downwind of an electric fan even if it is only set on low power. In the same way, treatment performed for several hours can put a strain on the body even though it is being performed for the body's benefit. Because of this, at Toyo Conditioning we perform treatment with a philosophy of “producing results in a short time and minimizing strain”.
For customers with extremely severe symptoms, or for customers who do not live close to Toyo Conditioning, there are circumstances in which we recommend two treatment sessions ina single day with a break in between.
4.Getting the maximum effect from short-term treatment
5.We give patients a written record of their treatment
After a treatment session at Toyo Conditioning we give customers a “Seitai Record Notebook” which contains a written record of the details of treatment received that day and any changes in the customer's symptoms. It is necessary for customers to understand their condition in order to ameliorate their symptoms, and making a record in a notebook is an extremely effective method for doing this. Both the customer and Toyo Conditioning can get a mutual understanding of the nature of the customer's condition and how it has changed. At Toyo Conditioning we make every effort to support our customers to have a happy and healthy lifestyle in any sphere of activity.

Toyo Conditioning is located in the Kanda district of Tokyo which is convenient for transport access by subway or JR lines. It is also easily accessed from sightseeing spots such as Akihabara and Asakusa. Please feel free to come and visit us.

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