Toyo Conditioning is a "therapeutic body work clinic" for the relief of backaches, stiff necks, stiff shoulders, and tired feet resulting from tiredness from work or travel.

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In modern society over 80% of working people go about their daily lives while suffering from physical tiredness.

Toyo Conditioning will give you support if you are fighting against pain or if you are seeking to bring comfort to your body. We offer not only seitai ?
properly ordered body ? treatments, but also comprehensive advice about how to use your body correctly, personal stretching, breathing methods, bathing and sleeping, how to control your emotions, and how to make your body immune to tiredness, in order to bring a speedy improvement to your symptoms and to prevent symptoms from reoccurring.
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Seitai treatment methods

At Toyo Conditioning our seitai treatments are painless.
Seitai treatments are a way of ridding the body of tiredness and sluggishness by fixing distortion and crookedness in the body. Muscles are released from the strains caused by bodily distortion, circulation of the blood and lymph is stimulated, and health problems are resolved.
Toyo Conditioning's seitai treatments involve no pain from forceful pressing, kneading, beating, or pummeling of the body. Seitai treatments are safe and painless. Gentle massage brings peace of mind and relaxes the core of the body to get rid of the causes of pain

You should visit Toyo Conditioning if...

You should visit Toyo Conditioning if...
  • Your whole body feels sluggish and heavy.
  • You have been suffering from stiff shoulders for a long time.
  • You want even a small degree of relief from chronic lumbar or back pain.
  • Your feet are tired or painful from traveling and your whole body feels weary, and you want to heal your body.
  • You have come to Japan on business but are worn out from being in an unfamiliar environment.
You should visit Toyo Conditioning if...
Please come along to Toyo Conditioning if you are suffering from these kinds of whole body pain or tiredness.
People of all nationalities have used Toyo Conditioning and have expressed their appreciation for our services. You can use Toyo Conditioning' s services with confidence.

Toyo Conditioning is located in the Kanda district of Tokyo which is convenient for transport access by subway or JR lines. It is also easily accessed from sightseeing spots such as Akihabara and Asakusa. Please feel free to come and visit us.

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